Hillary Chybinski: Family Travel to Colonial Williamsburg

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Travel to Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a great family destination

You can't visit the Historic Triangle, without checking out Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg family trip

I went with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin when I was about 10. . .I didn't remember much - the period clothing, some shops and a shuttle bus.  And my memories were no match for the amazing sites that met us when we arrived via the shuttle bus.

We started off at the Visitor's Center - a beautiful building with lovely grounds.  The kids threw coins in the fountain, and I was intrigued with the 3-D monument.

Colonial Wiliamsburg Visitor's Center

I was pretty confident that Ryan would enjoy the living history museum of Colonial Williamsburg. . .but I was surprised by how much he truly enjoyed it.

We were met by a guide who gave us a brief and interesting account of what we would see and what we could expect during our visit. . .he led us around the Palace and through the green, regaling us with stories of life in colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg a look back in time for the whole family

Colonial Williamsburg - stunning architecture

Our first colonial life experience was hooping. . .Ryan had a great time and wasn't half-bad at it.  Owen didn't want to try it.

Colonial Williamsburg Fun on the Village Green

From there, we began our experience with RevQuest.  Ryan was instantly drawn into the story and almost too excited about it to pay attention to the directions and be patient.  I love when kids can get that enthusiastic about education.  RevQuest is a brand-new on-site and online game that asks participants to unlock clues that help save the Revolution.

Colonial Williamsburg Scavenger Hunt

Both kids enjoyed Revolutionary City - a dynamic event that reflects Williamsburg's role in one of America's defining historical periods.

Colonial Williamsburg there is so much to see and participate in

Colonial Williamsburg - Napolean

The element of live theater was incredibly moving and entertaining.  Even though Owen was a bit young to understand, he was interested in the Costumed Interpreters and all the activities going on.

Colonial Williamsburg - Hanging out with historic heros

Colonial Williamsburg - a great family experience

We checked out the Printing Press,

Colonial Williamsburg Printing Press

Watching them make paper in Colonial Williamsburg

wig shop,
Colonial Williamsburg Wig Shop

and rode in a carriage.

Colonial Williamsburg Carriage Ride

Both the boys loved the brickyard, but only Ryan was willing to help with the clay.

Making bricks in Colonial Williamsburg

Real-Life experiences in Colonial Williamsburg

On Friday night, we went back to the Palace Green for Salute to the Nation, a stirring tribute to our nation followed by amazing fireworks.  The moving speeches and patriotic music were well worth a few mosquito bites.

Nightlife in Colonial Williamsburg

Fireworks in Colonial Williamsburg

The kids liked it so much and Ryan wanted so badly to finish his RevQuest to get his coin - that we went back on Sunday morning before we left Virginia.

Fun for everyone in Colonial Williamsburg

Great Dining in Colonial Williamsburg

As a side note, restrooms are readily available (you may need to walk a bit), clean and cool.  There are also several places to get a cool drink and you can refill your commemorative cup as well.

We also went to Merchant Square - a quaint shopping area with restaurants, a candy store, a book store, clothing, antiques, souvenirs and more.  Somehow, I didn't take any pictures there - but it's adorable and tons of fun.  We had a delicious lunch at a Pizza Shop.  You can get to Merchant Square via the shuttle bus or walk from Duke of Glouster Street.

If you want to plan your own family getaway to Colonial Williamsburg, visit www.visitwilliamsburg.com 

catch you soon -  

note - we were provided complimentary admission to the Colonial Williamsburg to facilitate this post; however, as always, all opinions expressed here are my very own.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait until Leo is old enough for a historic themed trip like that.

  2. it was TOTALLY fun - even the 4 YO enjoyed it. It's a great family destination with lots for everyone - we hope to return soon!