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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

bloggy summer camp. . .surprises

Day 4 - What has most surprised you about being an adult? What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

me in 1971

hmmm. . .this one took a little soul searching and thinking and pondering. . .which is why it's a day late. . .there are many surprises in adulthood - some good and some not so good.

what surprises me is that I can't in fact "have it all" - why the hell not??

I was told I could. . .go to college, get a great education, meet a great guy, get married, travel, have a wonderful fulfilling career, have a gorgeous suburban home fully furnished int he latest style, killer wardrobe, adorable kids, dog, cat, green lawn, beach house. . .shall I go on?

ok it sounds totally materialistic and full of consumerism - and it is.  I can honestly tell you that home is wherever I live with my husband and my kids.  If we have our health and we are happy - we are rich.  Truly - I know these are the important things in life.  And we are very lucky and fortunate.

but that doesn't stop a girl from dreaming about the rest and wishing my life looked just a little more like that big picture up there some days - even though my life and adulthood are pretty fantastic just the way they are!

Want to play along? You can catch the action at Creating Motherhood!

catch you soon -

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