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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

bloggy summer camp. . .the perfect birthday

Day 5 - What do you prefer to do on your birthday?

cake from Lisa, Tecla and Terry on my last birthday

my birthday is February 15 - the day after Valentine's Day

2 separate and totally different holidays not ever to be combined except by my mom & dad on rare occasions.

but simply by it's proximity to Valentine's Day - cards, flowers and dinners are a bit of a chore.

i am sweet and let John off the hook for expensive Valentine's Day flowers . . . I would however enjoy a small bunch for my birthday (even if they are from Trader Joe's or the supermarket) He used to send me flowers when I had an office job and before we had kids.  I admit it is an unnecessary expense - but still a sweet gesture. =)

he may not send me flowers much anymore - but he is a wonderful gift giver.  He almost always knows what is REALLY on my list and usually over spends - but I must admit I LOVE it.

I'm relatively open to how I spend my birthday hours . . . I don't want to make decisions.  I plan, get and prepare most of our meals - I'd love a day off from even thinking about it! You know what I like - just go for it! =) Perhaps time to read  without feeling guilty about not doing housework.

I truly love adventures with my family - going places with the kids and sharing experiences with them.  I don't need a day alone for my birthday.  Although cocktails with the girls is always a fun time!

Cake - there should be cake - and at least one candle - and the Happy Birthday song.

what would your perfect birthday day look like?

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catch you soon -

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