Hillary Chybinski: bloggy summer camp. . .one of these things is not like the other

Monday, July 11, 2011

bloggy summer camp. . .one of these things is not like the other

Day 11 – How are you different from your parents? How are you the same? Do your parents and/or family know that you write on-line?

my family
if you ask my husband - I am almost exactly like my mother. . .the good, the bad and the ugly.  and if i'm honest with myself - the older i get, the more similarities I see. 

sometimes i think it would be cool to be able to travel back in time and see her when she was my age - going through some of the things that I'm going through - firsthand, rather than with years of experience to color her perspective.  she's typically the first or second person I turn to when something happens - good or bad.  I may not always like her advice, or agree with her - but I know she's there and she cares.

my dad has had a lot of influence on my life.  i credit him with my attention to safety - we always use the correct carseat.  we all wear helmets and seatbelts.  no riding in the front seat under 13 years old (even with the airbag disabled).  he taught me to change a car tire, ride a bike, paddle a canoe, hit a ball and a countless other life skills.  he's a real outdoorsman (not quite my thing) and my kids and John have a great time with him camping, fishing, kayaking, etc.

i've always believed that it is a school and teachers' responsibility to make you smart - it's your parents' responsibility to make a good person able to get along in the world.  I like to think my parents excelled at it. =)  now if only i can do the same for my boys.

i think most of my family knows about my blog and follows along occasionally.

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catch you soon -

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