Hillary Chybinski: traffic laws. . .not just a pretty sign

Thursday, June 09, 2011

traffic laws. . .not just a pretty sign

stop sign - taken my my scraps

so i've had 2 encounters this week with terrible driving and people blatantly disregarding traffic laws.

the first was at night - I was stopped at a RED LIGHT. . .the car behind me (driving over the posted speed limit) passed me on the left with  double solid lines AND blew right through the red light.


then this morning on my way to take Ryan to school, a woman on a bicycle completely blew through a 4-Way stop sign.  Bicyclists are supposed to obey the traffic laws - are they not? She nearly ran into my car giving Ryan and I both a bit of a fright.  And of course she had the audacity to give me a dirty look. . .

I just don't understand people's blatant disregard for posted rules and laws.
  • If there is a leash law - put your dog on a leash.
  • If the sign says "Yield" - you stop and yield to the other traffic.
  • Red means stop.
the list is endless. . .what are some your pet peeves when it comes to disregarding rules?

catch you soon -


  1. I had someone use the tail end of an entrance ramp to pass me on the highway. I was going 70 mph...I calm myself by convincing myself that he must be on his way to the hospital.

  2. oh my - that stuff just makes me crazy!


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