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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

getting organized. . .clothes

my scraps gets organized


In our 2nd installment in the my scraps gets organized series - let's talk clothes...how do you organize your clothes?

by type?
by color?
another method?

I tend to start by type, then move on to color.

my closet
I have always been a bit of a clothes-horse/Fashionista.  In High School I kept a clipboard with a chart of what outfit I wore on what date (too bad Excel wasn't around then!) It's not that I needed to be Uber-trendy - I just like clothes, fashion and style.

But these days I find myself living in a small older house with very limited closet space.  So I need to be smart and a bit ruthless in what I choose to keep.  I also put away true off season clothes (such as cashmere turtlenecks & wools in the winter).  But I try to leave season-spanning pieces easily accessible.

I use the same methods on my kid's clothes.

Ryan's t-shirt drawer is arranged by color.  All the t's are rolled and put in ROY G BIV order.

Ryan's t-shirt drawer

Owen's shirts are arranged by type and color.

Owen's closet

This method helps me when I'm trying to pull an outfit together. . .I think it makes life easier for the boys - especially if I tell them they need a solid shirt to go with those plaid shorts.

What are some of your clothes organization tips?

catch you soon -


  1. I also keep my clothes separated in another way, dressy and everdyay. Since I'm an outdoors loving SAHM, I very rarely need to dress up so keep those clothes separated and organized by occasion.

  2. That's an excellent idea! I do keep my "event" clothes separate - cocktail dresses and such.