Hillary Chybinski: fashion friday. . .a new summer do

Friday, June 03, 2011

fashion friday. . .a new summer do

so - without bragging, I'm sort of known for my hair. . .it's big.  and for the last 2 years, I have let it grow steadily and curled it up. . .like this:

me - Before - long and 80s-ish

the other day, it needed shaping and trimming. . .

it was 90 degrees out. . .

I had watched Becky Higgins haircut video. . .

and this happened:

me - After - short and sassy

today I created an alternate look to the blown out version.

flipped out and curly

so if you are looking for a summer hair style - think versatility.  With this new cut I can also use a headband or barrettes as well.  Off to visit Etsy. . .

Thank You Emily!

catch you soon -

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