Hillary Chybinski: starting a garden. . .

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

starting a garden. . .

for the past few years, we have had a garden. . .nothing spectacular. . .just a 3' x 3' raised bed with a variety of vegetables.  Last year, our groundhog ate EVERYTHING. . .I think I harvested 2 peppers and a handful of tomatoes.

Kids turning and leveling the soil

This year, I had the kids turn over the soil and we added some crushed egg shells. . .then we plotted out 1 foot squares, for a total of 9 squares in our bed.

a manageable garden plot

We planted some sunflowers on the sunny side of the bed, in three of the squares.  In the middle square, we planted seeds for a lettuce mix.

My plan is to get 2 tomato plants, a pepper plant, a zucchini plant and a cucumber plant to fill the remaining squares.
square foot gardening plot

I need to figure out a way to thwart our friendly groundhog family as well. . .so stay tuned, and feel free to post any HUMANE suggestions! =)

catch you soon -

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  1. Good luck with your garden and ground hog endeavor. I like the concept just not good with implantation. You can give some to me if you have extra!