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Thursday, May 26, 2011

home decor DIY. . .

feeling like I need to update the house. . .got an ikea flyer in the mail today and feel totally inspired by this photo:

photo courtesy of www.ikea.com

our downstairs walls are a sunny yellow with white trim and ceilings.  we have medium brown hardwood floors. . .and currently a too-small for all of us dark green sofa. . .so this is in the realm of "can do". . .

I was also inspired by Kelly's DIY projects, especially her fireplace makeover. . .I want to "whiten" my bricks - not all over - just sort of part-way. . .does that make ANY sense?? Oh and remove the HORRID brass glass doors. . .anyone have any luck with that sort of thing?

so stay tuned - this could be my summer project . . .think ikea is looking for someone to review that sofa??

catch you soon -

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