Hillary Chybinski: why an active education is a good education. . .

Thursday, March 31, 2011

why an active education is a good education. . .

i have always been a fan of hands-on learning. . .for both myself and my children.

we try to take our kids to many different places and let them experience many different things - it's part of our parenting style.

i've had the opportunity to see it in action this week - Ryan went on his first "BIG" school field trip - to somewhere he's never been with us.  The entire 4th grade went to Harrisburg as part of their social studies curriculum studying Pennsylvania.

Ryan has talked NON-STOP since I picked him up yesterday . . . he wrote more than 4 pages in a journal (something he has never done before)about all his experiences and what he learned.  He has been constantly informing his and me about various tidbits of PA history and government that he picked up yesterday.

In other words - he has immersed himself in learning - and that is always a good thing.

so if we sit our kids in over-crowded classrooms and drone on about topics that will be covered on a test with tiny words, confusing directions and little circles. . .what kind of critical thinkers will they become?

and don't we want critical thinkers to become our future leaders?

catch you soon -

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