Hillary Chybinski: The Secret Life of Boys

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Secret Life of Boys

What it's like raising boys

Let's start with a confession. . .

I am a girl.

Not just your ordinary girl - but a total girly-girl.  I love pink, and love songs and ruffles.  I was voted class flirt in High School AND college.

I now live with 3 boys (technically 2 boys and a man).  I am the only girl (unless you include the cat).

Suddenly I have noticed an increase in body sounds around here. . .you know, passing gas and burping. . .mostly followed by giggles rather than a polite "excuse me".  Don't let their big blue eyes and adorable smiles fool you.

The realities of raising boys

What is a girly-girl to do??  I know it is all part of growing up - a rite of passage if you will. . .but still.

Sometimes i don't understand this secret life of boys - the firetrucks, the construction vehicles, the loud noises, the wars and battles. . .but i am always here on the sideline - cheering them on - helping to teach them to become wonderful men like their daddy.

Are you a mom (or dad) to a boy or boys? What amazes you?

catch you soon -


  1. It amazes me that I'm still somewhat sane. :-)

    Mine are 14 and almost 9yo. It's been a fun ride thus far.

  2. I don't know much about boy noises but I LOVE those KK hats! And those Kk treats!