Hillary Chybinski: is your life a circus act?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

is your life a circus act?

have you ever seen one of those performers that can spin plates on the top of tall sticks?

they set up a bunch of tall poles, and spin plates on the top - the object is to run around and keep the plates spinning so that none crash to the floor.

i started to feel that way about my life this week. . .like that performer, running from plate to plate - trying to keep them all spinning (laundry, dishes, homework, shopping, work, bills, love, getting dressed, dirty car, kids, relaxing, eating right. . .) invariably, I can't get to one and it crashes to the floor. . .but I throw another one up there and keep spinning. 

now i am very lucky - i get a lot of help around the house.  John is not a husband or father that does not participate or help out.  And I appreciate everything he does.  It's more my own perceptions of my life and my role in the lives around me.

and here's the funny part - since being laid off from my job for a year now, when I only have 2 or 3 plates spinning - I'm bored and dis-satisfied.

so what's the answer? do you ever feel like that guy spinning the plates?

catch you soon -

note - a special thanks to Karyn Climans from http://tail-wags.com for inspiring this post thru our discussion.


  1. Today was particularly crazy. In other words, my plates were spinning, crashing, breaking etc. However, at the end of the day, I still solved more problems than I created so it was a good day.
    I sometimes wish things were less hectic but I am also the 1st person who will complain if I'm too slow.
    Hope you get your dishes neatly stacked in the dishwasher by bedtime.

  2. Plate spinning is a great metaphor. Between the kids and their lives, trying to renovate a house on a tiny budget, generalized work craziness, one of us job hunting and issues with the kids' bio mom, it seems like one of those plates is always threatening to fall!