Hillary Chybinski: 10 things i would like to be better at. . .

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

10 things i would like to be better at. . .

there were lots of lists popping up on blogs . . . ever the keen decision maker, i decided to make a list too. . .so here it is, with much aplomb and fanfare. . .

10 things i wish i was better at

1.  making decisions

2.  cooking

3.  drawing

4.  making money

5.  speaking a foreign language

6.  finding my bliss

7.  patience

8.  living a healthy lifestyle

9.  doing my own hair

10.  bargain shopping and couponing

now i know - many of those things (with time and/or money) i could learn. . .but this is a post about wishes. . . =)

what would you like to be better at?

catch you soon -

1 comment:

  1. love your list! i'd have several of yours on mine too... making decisions, drawing (how cool would it be to be able to draw? i'm totally unartistic) and cooking.

    cute post!