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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

product review - KinKast App

I recently had the opportunity to try out the KinKast App for my iPhone.

This App allows the user to easily and quickly share video clips from their iPhone with friends and family.

The App is FREE - so you can download it for free at iTunes and try it out for yourself - I downloaded it and gave it a try.  The first video I shared was a short clip I took last year and still had hanging around on my phone.  With a few taps of the screen, I was able to email a link to it to John.

He said he received the link, and could view the video easily without establishing an account or anything.

I thought I'd try it out again live. . .I was at a concert the other night, and I took a short video clip and again emailed it to John - same experience as before. We were 2 for 2  =).

Facebook and YouTube are great for sharing videos, but uploading can be a slow process and it generally puts your video in front of a LOT of people.  While I use YouTube for all my vlogs -  I don't always like to use it for stuff with the kids - private, family stuff.  KinKast is a great alternative.

My two favorite features are that it's easy, you can trim Videos on the phone and then send email links for a private experience (friends don’t have to create accounts) and it's smart, there's a WiFi only option if you don’t have an unlimited data plan with your carrier.

The KinKast app is the easiest way to privately share video clips.  Record a moment and share it with only two taps!
·         No waiting (video uploads in the background)
·         Easily share with friends (they receive a private link with no login required)
·         No size or length limits
·         Safely back up your important memories KinKast servers
·         Can also post on Facebook
·         Last but not least: It’s a free download from iTunes.  Just visit www.KinKast.com

As I mentioned, it's a free App - but you have the alternative to purchase a premium package for $4.99/month which give you: unlimited storage on KinKast servers, access to ALL videos, ALL the time, videos safely backed up, no ads, and peace of mind.

I don't really have a reason to go that route - but will surely use the App to share videos of the kids with my family! 

catch you soon - 

note:  The opinions expressed here as always are my very own.  The App is free for everyone, however I was compensated for trying it out and writing about it. 

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