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Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's all in the experience. . .

ok confession time. . .i consider myself a shopper

i can remember being a little girl of 6 or 7 and going shopping with my grandparents for my birthday and Christmas. . .throwing pennies in the fountain, lunch at Bambergers' Carriage House.

it was an experience - an event - the total package

that experience is what I am looking for when i shop, especially in non-bargain/discount stores.  if you are going to over-price everything, then I want the foreplay that goes with it.

i want a pretty location that is clean, neat and smells fresh (at the VERY least).  I want a decent bag for my purchases and I want the boxes, hangers, etc to be not broken or dirty.

i have to say, i have been sorely disappointed lately, and my adventure in Macy's this week is just the most recent in a long string of disappointments.

i've been searching for a great pair of black, low-heel boots.  not too dressy, not too "much". . .i found a cute pair at Macy's today - they are Bandolino's.  Now, the display included boot boxes, so I could help myself. . .but no one came to ask how I was making out.  the store was not crowded.

when i shuffled up to the counter (where 2 sales women were standing) with my broken box, the one asked the other if she had helped me. . .i jumped in with a loud "no - I helped myself thank you".

ok - that was not my best manners. . .she then proceeded to put the broken box in a too-small bag and told me that was the biggest bag she had.

if i had not been searching for boots since August, I would have returned them.  that is how much bad service bothers me - 9 times out of 10 I'd rather do without than reward a bad store with my money.

are you listening retail?

how about you faithful readers? what are some of your latest shopping experiences - have they been good, bad or ugly?

catch you soon -

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  1. Oh, I just can't stand awful customer service. It would be different if I never worked retail but I HAVE. Customers DO matter. I'm definitely going to write about my experience. I have to. Thanks for sharing. I empathize!!