Hillary Chybinski: go to gifts. . .

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

go to gifts. . .

what are your "go-to" gifts?

you know - the gifts you always buy - the old reliable - stuff you know is good and everyone should have?

i am going to a bridal shower soon and I am terribly out of practice (I'm old). . .needless to say anything reasonably priced and the least bit interesting is LONG GONE from the registry list.

i'm in a quandary - the bride is a friend - and I have a sense of her style - but i haven't been to her house.

who has a good one??

one of my favorite "go-to" baby gifts was a recent Twitter conversation - the JJ Cole Bundle Me.  This product wasn't on the market when my first baby was little - but I had 2 for my second, and always buy it when I need a baby gift.

if you have any favorite "go-to" gifts - for any occasion, I'd love you to leave me a comment.

catch you soon -


  1. Hi Hill--it's been a while! How about something personalized? I always tried to do that for brides. Something with their new initials is always fun. I like Mint Julup Monograms (she is funny and has a blog), she did a t-shirt for Tommy: http://www.mintjulepmonograms.com/. Another gift I used to always give for weddings is a personalized crock. Like these: http://www.carvedcrocks.com/. You can set it on your front step with a plant, or use it inside for newspapers/magazines--or whatever! One thing I loved from my own shower is my Bridal edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook. I use it all the time. You could pair that with some simple kitchen items or maybe a Pampered Chef pan (love those).

  2. I like that idea - things that are monogrammed with the bride and groom's initials are great.

  3. I like practical gifts -- good pillows or a nice wood cutting board.

  4. I love gift certificates to restaurants for wedding gifts. i think couples should get in a "date night" habit early; it's been great for us!

  5. GREAT ideas - thank you all so much - now I just need to decide - NOT always my strong point =)