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Thursday, September 09, 2010

in case of emergency. . .

 with everything we've been through in the last two weeks. . . i've been thinking about our families' preparedness for an emergency. . .

i'd say we are average - more prepared than many, but not as prepared as we could be.

we have a plan for a fire. . .we remind the oldest to check his door before opening it - we have a meeting place.  we have discussed the best alternatives to the front door if we can't get out that way.

today, i used my label maker to put my cell phone number, my mom's number and 911 on the back of the living room phone.  i also took a minute to practice with my 9 YO on making a phone call.

in my cell phone, i have ICE next to John's name (In Case of Emergency). . .there is an index card with my cell phone number on it in each child's bag.

how do you prepare your kids and your home for an emergency?  i'd love some tips and ideas on how to do this better.  and i pray to God none of us ever need it.

catch you soon -

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