Hillary Chybinski: Back to School - Keeping Homework Organized

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School - Keeping Homework Organized

I think the thing I dread the most about Back to School time, is homework. I have never been a fan of homework, and as a mom, I'm still not a fan. But it's part of school life and part of parenting. Since that's the case, I wanted to share some information on where we do homework and how we keep it organized. Hopefully this will inspire you to create a homework space that makes your life a little bit easier.

What are some of your tips for keeping your kids' homework organized? 

catch you soon -


  1. Interesting solution! I've not seen that before and when space is at a premium and mobility matters...its brilliant! Abby Garvey is an awesome source too =) Love the series...great job!

  2. This is a great idea! My son seems to work best down on the floor (drives me a little crazy but it works) so his desk has become a catch-all for "stuff" (he's 11.)

    Implementing a homework cart for his supplies may be just the solution I've been searching for. You've got me thinking how we can adapt it for our needs.


  3. Great idea! You are so organized!

  4. You have made me realize this is also a good time to buy a few pieces of poster paper at the dollar store so I'll be ready when one of my kids says at 7 PM, "Oh, I have to do a poster for tomorrow!"

  5. I love this!! I haven't met you at any of the events but I am part of philly moms. this will help me with my 1st grader.