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Thursday, July 08, 2010

the girl within . . .

sometimes in my life as a wife and mom - i forget the girl within me.

i have always been a "girly-girl" - I like to paint my toenails, I never leave the house without make-up, I love clothes, shoes and accessories. . .pink is my favorite color. . .

my life revolves around 3 boys these day - my loving husband and 2 sweet boys.  and while i wouldn't change a thing - I typically don't take a lot of time to nurture the girlie-girl within me.  but tonight - john took the kids for a walk in the neighborhood and i took advantage of the me-time.

i took a "real" shower - you moms know exactly what I mean - shaved, moisturized, put product in my hair, loofa'd my feet - the whole 9 yards. . .and i felt great when I was done - just in time for my guys to get back and spend the evening together.

what's a treat you miss now that you're a mom? or a dad?

catch you soon - 

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  1. AWE MAN!! I can answer that one... Fast! SLEEPING IN! HAHA