Hillary Chybinski: One Little Word - Gratitude

Thursday, June 03, 2010

One Little Word - Gratitude

Checking in on my One Little Word project today.

Back on January 1st - I selected "gratitude" as my one little word. . .a type of mantra to try to live by for the entire year.  I've never been good with resolutions, but this project courtesy of Ali Edwards, resonated with me. 

To help me keep on track with my word, gratitude, I purchased a little iPhone app from iTunes - it's a gratitude journal - I try to jot down 3-4 things every day that I am grateful for. . .some of them are silly (like yoga pants) some of them are serious (the health of my children). . .but just a few minutes every day to reflect on the small things that make my life so right, full and wonderful.

Screen Shot Grattitude App

Are you participating in the One Little Word project? How are you doing with your word?

For more information, check here.

catch you soon -

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