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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance For All

I had the pleasure of attending a dance program at Owen's preschool this week.  Prior to attending, I only knew they had an "outside" program that came in and taught the kids dance.

if you follow my blog, you know that the preschool my kids attend(ed) is a very diverse program that includes both typically developed and special needs children.  if i haven't said it enough - i LOVE this program.  The feelings of inclusion and the exposure it give my children is priceless.

one of those moments is the Dance For All program.  The Program Coordinator, Chloe Davis gave a little presentation yesterday before the program, letting us know what the program was all about.

"Dance For All" Creative Expressions for the Disables was created for those with disabilities to have an opportunity to demonstrate their artistic expression in a positive and encouraging environment.  The program is geared for both adults and children and besides our preschool, they offer instruction at 2 additional locations in our area.

It was an adorable program - Ms. Chloe's enthusiasm and warmth were contagious.  She made sure that every child had the opportunity to show their stuff for the audience. The room was full of smiles, singing and clapping - and every child that wanted to participate - got that chance to do so in a way that was comfortable and supportive for them.

you can check out more information about the program here.  Dance For All is part of Tigerlily Events, LLC Arts & Education Programs.

catch you soon -

note:  this post was not requested or endorsed by any parties nor did i receive anything in return for my review.  As always, the opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.

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