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Monday, April 12, 2010

mondays from the mommyhood. . .

today's topic:  Sibling Rivalry

if you are a regular reader of this blog - then you know that i have 2 boys.  you also know there is 6 years separating those boys - which had led me to believe the almost constant bickering that I hear lately wouldn't exist.


i can't put my finger on what sets them off. . .the little one is learning his independence and the big one wants to be in charge.  it's volatile sometimes.  when all i want is for them to love each other and play nicely (not even necessarily quietly).

i keep reinforcing "nice" behavior - hitting, kicking, pushing, name-calling, etc - all unacceptable all the time.  we also try to minimize the "fresh" talk.

and they clearly love each other - the look in the little one's eyes when his brother gets off the bus and the pride in the big one's voice when he has good news to share with his little brother - melts my heart.

it's the times when i hear the big one say something softly and then all of a sudden the little one lets loose with a shrill squeal that makes my blood boil.

i have to admit - i do not always have the patience to make it a "teaching" moment, or speak in my kindest, most encouraging voice. . .heck, half the time it's when I'm trying to get dinner made, something picked up, or something else done.

how do you cope with sibling squables?  what's your best tip?  i'd love to know.

catch you soon -

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