Hillary Chybinski: mondays from the mommyhood. . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

mondays from the mommyhood. . .

we are all in this together

this mommying thing

whether we are black, white, purple, or green
whether we are short or statuesque
whether we are pleasingly plump, a skinny-jeans girl, or struggling to eat healthy
whether we work at a job we get paid for or work at a job we don't get paid for
whether we volunteer or choose not to

whatever our choices - sippy cups, breastfeeding, organic, red shoes...if we're moms - then we are IN IT TOGETHER

I know it's difficult - but we have to take a giant step back - and let the other moms in the club be themselves. . .just like we want them to let us be ourselves.

We all make mistakes - we are all learning about something - we all have something to bring to the group - to make the group. . .the COMMUNITY...stronger - better

Being a mom is an amazing power - we should use that power for good not evil.  There's enough room in the community for every single one of us. . .let me scooch over and make some room...

We all have a voice to add to the conversation. . .my mother taught me to take turns, and let others have their chance to speak too. . .I try. . .

What I love the most about "mommy-blogging" is all the voices.  The opportunity to take in so many different personalities and opinions - it's a blessing.  Let us not forget that there are members of our community that choose not to blog themselves - and that's ok. . .but if they want to put themselves "out there" and share their experiences and their ideas. . .we're here.  We will listen and support you.

None of of have "always" been moms. . .we were little girls. . .big girls. . .teenagers (heaven forbid). . .young adults. . .20-somethings. . .learning to be who we are right now.

We won't always be this person we are right now. . .but we will always be mothers. 

catch you soon -


  1. If there's one thing we learn as a Mom, nothing ever stays the same and just when we think we've got it nailed down, something changes. Life isn't any different, its how we navigate the change that defines our life. The amazing thing about our Mom journey is how just when we need it most, we are often blessed with a new Mom friend, colleague, or blogger you'll never meet IRL, that has been there, that gets us, that makes us laugh, or that holds us when we cry. That is the community that is worthy of the effort, and the amazing part is it was the built in sisterhood you had no idea you would come to love so dearly. Great post =)

  2. While I am not a mom, I do get what you are saying Hillary.

    Today I saw a friend of mine - a great dad - who I have seen only a few times since college. While talking about our children, the years melted away and we were 18 again.

    Our children are our link to all that is good in our past and a guarantee that the future will be bright.