Hillary Chybinski: i should know better. . .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i should know better. . .

. . .than to use the self-scan aisles . . .

I thought to myself:

- the kids aren't with me
- there are only 3 lanes open, all with several people already in line
- maybe it's gotten better

and that, my friends, is where it all came crashing down around me. . .it has not, in fact, gotten any better.

I am a fairly intelligent person (never claimed to be a rocket scientist) - I am good at following directions.  So I cannot figure out why I can't figure this out!

My first problem was in trying to use my own bags - it kept yelling at me when I put them down.  I realized I had to scan an item, put it in my bag, and then put it down on the shelf all at once.  See - trick the machine into thinking you used a plastic bag.

My second problem was that it ate my coupon, but didn't scan it or give me credit for it.  When I asked the Attendant (the one the machine kept yelling at me to wait for) she could not help me - I had to go to Customer Service.  When I got to Customer Service - there was one person working and three in line.  It was a dollar and I was not going to be in a pleasant mood - so I left.

Even though I am annoyed at Giant - I will admit - it is my own fault - I know that those machines frustrate me because they are not intuitive enough for my liking.  Yet, I keep thinking "this time" will be different. . .

how about you? can you use self-scan successfully? got any tips?

catch you soon -


  1. Every time I see people lined up to scan their own purchases, I imagine what my grandfather would have thought. I can only imagine. "Ya gott be kiddin me! First they charge you out the tuckus for this stuff and then they want you to check yourself out?"

    Self-scan Rules:

    No coupons
    Nothing from produce
    No more than 15 things
    Never behind a person older than you are
    Apparently I need to add to this list:
    Never behind Hillary

  2. I've used the ones at Giant and never had a problem and there was always someone there. You can still take your receipt back and get your $1 refund, the coupon will be unaccounted for. I hate the ones at Walmart! But the ones at Giant I will definitely use if there are too many people in the store!

  3. I generally try to avoid self-checkout. For the simple fact that they almost always take longer than a regular checkout. No matter how many people are there, the cashiers can scan faster (they don't have to wait for you to put it down and have the sensor detect the weight!!), and they have some control as far as void/override/etc. And, I agree with everything Cavalier92 said--hilarious!

  4. I am with you! I have never had good luck with those check out systems. I find waiting in line much less frustrating.

  5. Nope.. I have never had a sucessful self check out experience.
    I slapped the boycott on a few months ago after being pretty sure the " place your item in the bag" had a snarky tone behind it.
    In my crazy conspiracy theroy brain.. I think there is a room where workers sit on break and have fun making the self scanners go nuts...
    " place your item in the bag", "do you have any coupons?"

  6. Elizabeth from the Golden InnFriday, February 19, 2010

    I totally understand. I have had so weird situations at the store just like that. Sometime people are better then machines (sometimes..... ok maybe I old fashioned but mostof the time people are better) atleast that's what I think Lol Hope your next trip goes better :)

    ~Elizabeth (AvalonGoldeninn)