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Monday, February 01, 2010

designing my life. . .

. . .hmmm. . .from the title i would expect this post to take another track. . .ah well,

as many of you know i am enrolled in the fabu Cathy Zielske's online workshop, Design Your Life 2010, on BigPicture Scrapbooking.  Well in true student fashion, I have already fallen "behind" and I'm using shortcuts librally. . .

anyway, this weekend, with the help of my fantastic new Epson printer  (I was NOT comped) - I churned out both layouts for week #3. . .

Week #3's lesson = repetition

Sketch #1

This is a nice little hybrid 8 1/2x11 layout using some pieces from an old LRS kit. . .i switched up the design a bit, because the arrows I wanted to use were pointing in the "wrong" direction - but once i lined up my pictures on the right, viola - arrows pointing the correct way.

Sketch #2

again a nifty 8 1/2x11 hybrid layout - 2 page this time.  once again, using an old LRS kit I had lying around.  my spacing on my letter stickers wasn't the best - i'm not in love with those P's being up so high - but it works - and not every layout needs to be my favorite. . .i do love the story of the boys celebrating their birthdays together.

so that was my creative push over the weekend. . .i am still 2 weeks behind - the Thursday, Week #6 starts. . .but i am happy that i am getting layouts completed and put into my LOM albums!

did you do something creative this weekend??

catch you soon -

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