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Friday, February 26, 2010

Staying Organized While Being Creative

DIY Planner and Binder

Sometimes, while we search for our "next big thing", we can struggle with keeping on-track and organized while we figure out what that "thing" is.  Part of what had always been so fulfilling for me as a "working (outside the home) mom" was the certainty of routine.  I thrive on routine, as do my kids.  John is much more go with the flow than the rest of us. So when I found myself working from  home with no set routine, life got a little crazy.

Enter in the GO MOM! DIY Planner.  I've "known" Molly Gold for years. . .she was often referred to in my BlueSuitNewsletter that I subscribed to religiously.  I saw her planners on the shelves in many places I shopped.  Well thanks to this beautiful thing called the Internet and Social Media. . .I've had the opportunity to exchange ideas and laughs with Molly.  And you know what I learned?  She ROCKS! She mentioned to me the other day, that her DIY Planner may be useful/fun for we scrapbooker and creative types.

Go MOM DIY Planner

Again - those of you that know me, know it did not take me long to get myself over to her website and order myself a DIY Planner.  I printed out the PDF and set to work.

Thanks to another organizing and scrapbooking genius, Aby Garvy, I had this great binder I created as part of her fantastic Goals 101 online workshop.  My DIY Planner would go perfectly in this binder.

Russell + Hazel Altered Binder

In about an hour, with both my kids home on a snow day, I printed the planner, made tabs and set up my book.

DIY Planner assembly

I plan to use the weekly calendar pages to get myself set-up for the week ahead.  I added a tab called "Creativity Central" that I plan to use to keep track of blog post ideas and notes as well as craft and scrapbook projects.

Week at a Glance

I pulled out the Scrapbook Paper Kit I had used originally to create this binder (from russell + hazel), made my tabs, and put in the DIY Planner Pages.

DIY Planner assembly

Viola! Creative organizational bliss.

catch you soon -

Disclosure - all supplies mentioned in this post were bought by me.  I was not provided anything for the purpose of reviewing, and all the opinions are as always my very own.

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