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Thursday, February 25, 2010

choices. . .

. . .today is a snowy day in the Philly area. . .

that is not something new this winter - we have had a lot of snowy days.  The kids' schools have been closed 3 (or 4) times so far.

today i had an unusual situation - the upcoming "storm" hasn't moved in yet. . .Owen's school closed in anticipation of nasty weather.  Ryan's school did not.

After John and I talked it over, and I gave Ryan the option of going to school - a part of him wanted to go (or felt guilty that he should go) - which makes me happy.  But ultimately, we made a family decision to let him stay home too.

My fear - is that they would get to school, the storm would ravage in around 2 and administrators would panic how they were going to get everyone home quickly and safely.  I know it's their job, and they have my children's safety and well-being at the tops of their minds.  But they are human and this is weather. . .it's a crap shoot.

And today - we went "all in".

Are you off on a snow day today?

catch you soon -

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