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Friday, January 15, 2010

charity, compassion and common sense. . .

. . .okay - this post may make me unpopular. . .and let me start by saying I am not a selfish, uncaring, heartless b**ch (well - most of the time I'm not)

what has happened in Haiti is terrible - a true tragedy that has rocked the world. the compassion of the American people to reach into their pockets and help others is admirable and commendable. giving of ourselves to others is what life is all about right?

but i thought we were in such a terrible financial situation? our own families are losing their homes, cars, jobs and food. . .companies that cannot afford to pay their employees are cutting jobs, the government is cutting services. . .there are more people living on our streets with no shelter or food than ever before.

but yet - these same companies and these same governments have millions to send to Haiti? seriously?? i just find that hard to take - there is a lot of money being donated - and the urge to help - to "do something" is wonderful. . .but isn't this the same money we (as a country) claimed not to have last week?

maybe i feel it personally having just lost my job to budget cutbacks. . .and I apologize if i've offended you - my intention is to open dialogue - not criticize or offend.

again - i feel for the people of Haiti, and am grateful every single day for every blessing that I and my family have living where we live. . .but if i had extra money to help others, i would want to feed a sick and starving child in my own town - because they are right there - in front of you - in your own backyard - at your schools -

catch you soon -


  1. I 100% agree with you. Once this disaster the "followers" will all jump on the next bandwagon. Yeah, Haiti had been in deplorable conditions a hell of alot longer than a week!

  2. I struggle with these thoughts too. Here's where my head is on it right now.....the people in Haiti are in much worse shape right now than American people. Yes, Americans are struggling financially. Some (many) are struggling to put food on the table. Many are in danger of losing their homes, or already have. But...and this is the catch for me, anyway...we in America have somewhere to turn. There are agencies to assist us if we need them. There are churches, food pantries, shelters. There's food stamps. There's a place to turn for a hand up. Right now in Haiti there is no such assistance. The people in Haiti aren't just struggling to pay a mortgage, or make a car payment. They're struggling to find a doctor to save their child who just had a house collapse on them. They're struggling to find safe, clean water to give their children to drink. They're facing riots and danger. It's a whole other ballgame than our financial crisis in America.

    So while I agree that assistance needs to be given to our own, I can see why people may be driven to help those in Haiti right now. It just seems to be a much more life endangering scenario over there than what our poor our facing right now.

    Thanks for speaking up...you're right...many people start slinging insults when anyone questions these things.

  3. I'm so with you. Really. It was so hard for me to write the last post I HAVE.
    I agree. Here I am.. where you are.. the LATEST in the food chain. And I agree. It's so frustrating. Unfortunate. Depressing.

    I'm with you...... xoxoxoox.


  4. I think you bravely expressed what many are feeling. I am in the UK and I too have recently been made redundant.
    If any good can come of this then it's the world's focus on Haiti. US and UK have turned a blind eye to this desperate country for too long.

  5. interesting responses that you're getting - when I first read your blog, I smiled because it is the first note I've read about remembering those right here in our own back yard - while we do have places to turn here in America in many cases, it isn't that easy when you don't know where to go or how to ask for help - maybe we should just all remember to give when we can and help ALL the time - not just when there is a tragic situation - while my family and I give money when we can, giving of our time and energy always feels better - and that CAN be done right here in my community - thanks for getting me thinking about all of this :-)

  6. Great insight from someone here without a job. Thanks for sharing. It is good to hear all sides. I endorsed giving to Haiti but I haven't yet myself b/c I sorta feel the same way and can't make up my mind where the best use of our very few extra funds should go.

    Have a good week!