Hillary Chybinski: branding. . .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

branding. . .


yeah. . .X. . .see, I'd love to get a cohesive identity going - isn't that what the experts say about creating a successful blog and online "personality"?

but my online identity is "scraps". . .it's a bit of parenting, a bit of self-reflection, a bit of crafting, a bit of homemaking, etc. . .scraps. . .

maybe that's an identity - a brand. . .it's something i'm toying with in my unexpected time-off. . .what are your thoughts? If you are a mommy (or daddy) blogger...how did you come up with your "specialty"??

catch you soon -


  1. Hello! I personally love randomness, so I don't have any suggestions. I'm feeling a little left out not having a blog myself and was thinking of setting one up. Just for stuff I like: books, shopping, family, etc. - @jlk77

  2. That's pretty much me too! I have a 'career' side..and a 'real side' and everyonce in a while a scrap side!

    I'll think of some ideas too!