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Monday, December 14, 2009

mondays from the mommyhood. . .

today's post is about discovery.

a little background - we went to a lovely Hannuka party at our neighbor's on Sunday afternoon, and had the opportunity to hang out with families that we see and know - but don't necessarily hang out with all that often.

ya know what i mean? they live in your neighborhood - your kids all go to school together, etc.  so one of the dads there that fits that description, handed me this book:

now i was drinking wine, and chatting. . .and suddenly i realized everyone was talking about his book.   wait - his book - he writes books?? where have i been??

he creates these amazing ABC City Guides for Kids - so if you live near one of these cities, or are planning to go to one - pick up the guide - your kids will LOVE it!  They use photographs to illustrate the ABCs of the featured city (there are currently 8 books I believe). 

For $10 each - these have just moved onto my "must have" list.

catch you soon -

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