Hillary Chybinski: extreme home makeover. . .holiday style. . .

Thursday, December 24, 2009

extreme home makeover. . .holiday style. . .

. . .this morning, bright and early, the boys and i cracked open our Gingerbread House kit.  we had bought a kit at Target, when they first put the holiday stuff out - i planned to build it on christmas eve.

so i read the directions and got the dining room table all set up.  The kit provides a website with instructional videos too!

i explained to the boys that mom would have to do the actual building. . .once that was complete - they could do the decorating.  so with butterflies in my stomach and trying to keep my perfectionist tendencies burried, i built this:

not too shabby - looks cute, seems to be holding together well.

we opened up the little bags of candy - one candy cane was broken, but we had a spare. . .i also added some sour patch kids to the mix. . .we were ready to decorate.

i let the kids do what they wanted - i squirted the icing where they each wanted to decorate and let them put the candies on however they wanted.

they had a great time - and each seemed pleased with their results.

i am tickled with our finished product - and even let them eat a piece of candy off the house.

catch you soon -

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