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Monday, November 09, 2009

mondays from the mommyhood. . .

thinking i'll start a new feature on the old blog. . .on monday's i'll blog about something glamourous and wonderful about being a mom (actually a parent- stuff for dads too). . .doesn't that sound fun?

to start things off - today's topic will be vomit.

i haven't lost you yet - have i??  if you're a parent - then you are well-versed in vomit.

well this morning, on our way to drop john at work, poor owen threw up all over himself and his carseat. . .since we were on a major road, with fast-moving traffic, i chose to continue up the road for 1/4 mile until we reached target - the nirvana for moms.

i took owen out of his seat and sat him a microfiber towel i keep in the car. . .while john ran into target for a new outfit and handtowel.  i had a variety of wipes in the car - vehicle cleaning wipes, target brand extra wipes (just in case) and my regular diaper bag staple wipes (though a little low on supply).  So using that combination, i wiped up the carseat.

when john came out with a cute orange striped t shirt and khaki pants, (he even remembered new undershirts!) we changed owen in the back of the car (we have a small suv - so there's room back there).  then we let him sit in the front seat with some books while we (by that i mean mostly john) cleaned up the puddle under the seat.

john hooked everything back up and we put the new hand towel in the seat for owen to sit on so he wouldn't get wet.  owen seemed his normal chipper self at this point besides.

originally, i had planned to do our weekly grocery shopping after the drop-off, but given the half hour of extra time the clean up took, and the chance that we could have a repeat - we just came home.

owen is resting on the couch, enjoying a snack and drink. . .a load of laundry is in, and i am finishing up my pumpkin spice latte.  except for a delay in grocery shopping - it's just another day in the mommyhood - right?

things i learned:
  • it's important to keep a spare set of clothes (even just a shirt) in the car.
  • all those wipes - are a GOOD thing, and worth the space they take up.
  • leather seats are TOTALLY worth the extra cost if you have kids.
  • if you keep your cool(and sense of humor), your kids recover more quickly.

catch you soon -

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  1. LOVE this post!!! unfortunately I can relate as I'm sure many moms can ;-) thanks for sharing your story - sounds like you're ready for a scrap layout!!