Hillary Chybinski: tribute to a sweet friend. . .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tribute to a sweet friend. . .

. . .if you follow me on twitter or talk to me regularly, you probably know that our cat, Mr. Livingston (aka Livie) has been sick. . .well a few weekends ago, he took a turn for the worst, and i had to make one of the hardest decisions i've ever had to make.

writing this post still makes me cry - i've been working on it for 2 weeks

i've had many many pets in my years. . .my first dog, mingtoy...bunser, my rabbit. . .my beloved white cat, pinky. . .our family dog, mugs. . .kenny, the hamster i rescued in college. . .my first cat all of my own, fasb, my second cat, trixie. . .but none of them were as special to me as livie.

livie just appeared one day - under the buses in our backyard. he was skinny but so friendly. as soon as i came outside, he would rub against me and fall over to be pet. after a few weeks of feeding him and erecting a shelter in the middle of a downpour (well, john did that part) - john convinced me to bring him in. if it hadn't been for ryan being a baby, i would have brought him in the first day i found him.

we took him to vet and discovered he was a snowshoe - a breed i was unfamiliar with. he got all his shots, was neutered and became a part of our little family. three people and three kitties.

he was always an easy-going, friendly cat. he was usually with us - hanging out wherever we happened to be in the house. he put up with love from all of us - even the kids.

he is missed. . .every single day i feel his absence. i still look for his furry little face in the window when i pull up. . . feel around for him on the bed before i roll over in the middle of the night. . .look down and expect to see him sitting there.

i miss you furry friend - thank you so much for bringing such joy into my life.

catch you soon -


  1. sorry for the loss of your sweet cat. decisions like that are certainly hard, but if we love them, we'll let them go, right? Cyber-hugs, ~april

  2. I remember him showing up on the Hill and I know he picked you for a reason! Try to remember what a wonderful life you and John and the Boys gave him. You were his angel!

  3. awe!!! so sorry!! =( hugs to you..and your sweet kitty.