Hillary Chybinski: three is a magic number. . .

Monday, October 12, 2009

three is a magic number. . .

. . .today marks owens' 3rd year since his birth. just overnight, he seems to have changed from a baby to a little kid. . .

owen's arrival changed our family in profound ways - i was older when i found out we were having owen - and i was already 6 years into the mommy role. . .was i ready for another turn?

when we were blessed with owen, i was sure our family was complete at 3 - what a surprise and wonder to add just one more - could i share myself between 2 children? be a good enough mom to more than one child? the doubts scratched at me in the darkness of 9 months' worth of nights.

owen is a happy and funny little boy - he delights in so many things. he loves his big brother with a ferocity that makes me swell with pride. . .these days, he's counting (both in english and in spanish - thank you Dora), he's singing, and he's stretching his imagination.

he prefers fruit to almost all other foods - isn't overly fond of meat of any type. he has quite a sweet tooth and loves donuts, cookies, cake and ice cream.

he enjoys Thomas and Diego and Max and Ruby - his favorite book is a non-fiction book about trains.

happy birthday little bug - i love you.

catch you soon -


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Mark Owen! This age is such a fun time and one I really miss. I don't have to tell you just how quickly it goes. Enjoy!

  2. Happy belated 3rd birthday, little man!