Hillary Chybinski: a moment of family bliss. . .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a moment of family bliss. . .

. . .last night was not a norman rockwell evening in my house. . .

everyone was tired - ryan had lots of homework - general grumpiness - you know the deal

anyway, with the dawn comes a new day. . .and this morning the kids were discussing how the leaves on the car looked like butterflies. . .ryan went on to say how they could be dangerous poisonous butterflies. . .not in a scary dark way - just in a kid "it could happen" way. . .so we were all looking out the car window at these yellow and green leaves, and john picks one up and pretends it's "attacking" him. . .we all burst out laughing - loudly.

to me - even though we were running late and mired in the morning routine muck. . .this made the morning picture perfect for just a moment. . .the four of us in sync and enjoying being together. i wish it happened more often (but we all know that everyday life gets in the way) - but i am grateful for being able to recognize and appreciate when it does happen.

and each time I think about it today - I smile

catch you soon -

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