Hillary Chybinski: ties that bind. . .

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

ties that bind. . .

. . .this morning i dropped my oldest at his summer sports camp - just like i have for the last 7 weeks. . .except today, i had to drop him off an hour earlier than usual so he could go on the trip to CT. . .

seems his camp is competing against another sports camp - and it's in CT. . .today. . .this is the furthest he's been away from me - ever.

making me realize that he is in fact growing up. . .before my very eyes . . . and while it scares me to death, it is also so very exciting. he's been great this summer - not once has he ever said he didn't want to go to camp - or didn't want to go to swim lessons - or didn't want to go to tutoring. . .his enthusiasm for life is one of his most wonderful traits.

i'm hoping he has a wonderful time today -

catch you soon -

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