Hillary Chybinski: a friend is a friend is a friend. . .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a friend is a friend is a friend. . .

. . .how do you talk about your online "friends" with your friends IRL? Do you refer to someone you follow on twitter as a friend? Or do you go through the long explanation:

"well, I'm on twitter, and there's this guy who does something with computers and he said. . ."

or do you say:

"my friend, Butch said snow leopard is awesome" ??

It gets confusing. . .but I am selective about the people I follow - they are a friend IRL or we share similar interests, or I am interested in what they do or what they have to say. . .so to me - they are my "friend".

Perhaps not someone I wouldshare my inner-most thoughts with. . .but they are an active member of the circle of my life.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your online circle of acquaintances. . .and if you're on twitter look me up!

catch you soon -


  1. I would have to agree with the "My friend Butch.." statement. I refer to my onine friends as my friends. If the person wants more details, then I would say the first sentence about following them on Twitter. Friends come in all different ways! :)

  2. I would agree about refering to them as friends. As a friend is someone who fills a need or enlightens your day. My online friends do that each and every day so indeed they are a friend on some level to me.

  3. interesting topic!! sometimes I use the term "friends" because I do feel that way about those I communicate with (or just read of) on line ... there are many people in my circle IRL that don't really *get it* though, so instead of explaining, I just say something like "I heard ..." or "I just read ..." (and I have to add that I'm not on twitter, but I read lots of blogs and use FB at times) - thanks for getting me thinking this morning!!! ;-)

  4. Be careful with Twitter and Facebook...so I hear!