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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

in memory. . .

. . .one of our kitties passed away today. . .


not the financial standards board. . .but rather the little black kitty that came to live with us 17 years ago.

she was a birthday gift from my MIL-to-be (although there was no engagement as of then). . .in fact, john and i credit our togetherness to that little cat.

she was a spunky city kitty when she arrived in her duffle bag. . .she refused to eat, so i made her scrambled eggs, eventually mixing saturated kitten chow in the mix.

she was a playful kitty and like paper and boxes best of all. she liked john best - and would snuggle up in his armpit (??)

she was a trooper - changing apartments twice then moving to posh chestnut hill and eventually out here to the burbs. she was never very social and didn't care too much for the boys. . .could be their loudness. . .

she was a great cat and companion. . .my first pet as an adult that was own responsibility. . .i'll miss her.

catch you soon -

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