Hillary Chybinski: weekend. . .

Saturday, January 12, 2008

weekend. . .

. . .so we split up today. . .ryan is helping john at the office and owen is helping me with my calendar project. . .wonder which team is getting more done. . .

last night i went and stayed at my friends' home and kept watch over their sleeping daughter, so that they could take care of the business of delivering their second daughter. . .welcome to the neighborhood Anna!!!!

tomorrow morning i am trying my hand at some beading. . .with my crafty neighbor lisa. . .just what i need - another hobby i don't have enough time or energy to spend on - but love none-the-less.

catch you soon -

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  1. ah! I see you take adavantage of verticle space with your books stacked to the cieling. Smart. I like that. Hi, I spot you at Cathy Zielske's blog. Since you are trying to do it all, check out Gubb.net. It might actually be a functional task list. I've been experimenting with that today. That must be baby Yo I see. He's happy.