Hillary Chybinski: can you say. . .hectic. . .

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

can you say. . .hectic. . .

. . .whew - what a day.

yesterday was a holiday - we were all home together and had a great time. . .but that meant today was the official "monday" of the week. . .we got up on time - all ready - only a small spark of a nark (bad mood) from ryan. . .owen had a dr's appt at 9 - after bus.

john headed out into the frozen morning to warm up the car. . .whammo - dead battery.

darn -

john took ryan to the bus - i did what i do best - find a plan b. . .of course also what i do best is make it moredifficult than it has to be (simplify - work fo the year) - thanks to my neighbor and fabu friend tecla - for agreeing to come to the rescue - until john set me straight.

we ended up borrowing the portable jumper from the wonderful garage (B & W Auto) down the street, got the car started so i could drop john and owen at the dr's - then drop the car at said garage. they had her up and running by 10:30am. . .not too shabby.

john walked owen up the street to school after the dr's and then headed to nyc for the day. i headed into the office after the car was fixed.

all in all - the day went pretty well after that false start. and owen weighs a little over 25 lbs at 15 months for those that were wondering.

catch you soon -


  1. Oh no. Monday strikes on Tuesday. Here's hoping for a Wonderful Wednesday and a new battery that kast at least 50,000miles!

  2. make that L-A-S-T-S... (fumble fingers)