Hillary Chybinski: has anyone seen thanksgiving? . . .

Monday, November 12, 2007

has anyone seen thanksgiving? . . .

. . .honestly - the day after halloween, the christmas things went up.

not just a gentle reminder (as if we could forget). . .but slam-on full-blown christmas.

red cups are at Starbucks - having a hardtime enjoying my pumpkin spice latte as they have already moved onto gingerbread and eggnog.

i ask you this. . .is there not enough time after thanksgiving? are we shortchanging ourselves of the only true american holiday? personally, thanksgiving is one of my faves and i hate to see it swept under the rug as just a big meal.

lets revel in the nine days left until thanksgiving. . .enjoy the fall colors and fall weather. . .the yellows and oranges and browns. . .before everything turns red and green. . .

catch you soon -


  1. i know. you're right.

    but i freaking love Christmas. it can never get here soon enough. espeically when i just bought gifties for the kiddos and i cannot wait to see 'em open them!

  2. Thanksgiving always was my favorite holiday. Now it just seems to be a flyby between the mega-holidays of Halloween and Christmas.

    It's also been made worse this year by the warm autumn we've seen. I wan a damn frost!!!! I have a fireplace to use the dame thing. WHen will we get the leaves off the frigging trees?????

    Gotta go have a peppermint latte.