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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

true love. . .

. . .this may not be the "hunkiest" picture of john. . .but it sure does show one of the many reasons i love him so much. look how much fun those boys have.

when we got married some 12 years ago (happy anniversary baby), i tried to envision john as a father. . .a dad with small children under foot. . .it was impossible. . .we were busy enjoying each other and our world of two - travel, nights out, nights in. . .

now i see him as a dad every day. . .and i fall in love all over again. . .every day. he is that good at the "dad thing". oh, don't get me wrong, i give him a hard time and insist there are things he doesn't do well enough. . . but in all honesty, he is one amazing dad and a wonderful husband.

someday, it will be a world of two again. . .no diapers. . .no middle of the night cries. . .no soccer games and skinned knees and diaper rash. . .and i'm willing to bet we will lie in bed and talk about these crazy days. . .and miss those little boy smiles and kisses.

catch you soon -

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