Hillary Chybinski: back to school. . .

Sunday, September 02, 2007

back to school. . .

. . .it's that time of year again. . .

i've been busy prepping for back to school this week. we have all of ryan's school supplies, new backpack, 2 pairs of new shoes and some new fall clothes.

i have a MONTH of menus planned (thank you real simple) - although i still need to do a grocery run by tuesday night.

i made a binder for each of the boys to house all the school papers (NOT artwork) that I need to hold onto throughout the year - all divided into nice sections, like classroom, school, PTO, aftercare, etc.

i need to run through a rough weekday schedule then make adjustments as the first week unrolls.

i LOVE back to school!

catch you soon -

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