Hillary Chybinski: SAHMs and Homeschoolers. . .

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SAHMs and Homeschoolers. . .

. . .i salute you.

after one and a half weeks, i have made the disturbing revelation that i am not really cut out to be with my children all the time - 24/7. . .

don't get me wrong - i love them with a ferocity that scares me sometimes.

it's just that the neediness overwhelms me sometimes and i freak out.

seems sane - right??? afterall, in the animal kingdom, some mothers eat their offspring. . .

catch you soon -


  1. This is why I was sneaky and signed up my litle preschoolers for a few days a week of "Lunch Bunch". Send them there -- or eat them!

  2. they're not bad with a little BBQ sauce.