Hillary Chybinski: calm. . .

Monday, July 30, 2007

calm. . .

. . .right now. . .both boys are playing on the floor in the dining room. . .together. . .without me yelling every 2 seconds for the bigger one to calm down or stop taking toys from the baby.

these times seem much too scarce these days. . .i thought with a 6 year difference in age, i wouldn't have rivalry issues where the older one competes for attention. little did i know.

there is no doubt that they already have a strong brotherly bond. . .they clearly adore each other and their part in our family. we all struggle with our role in the family unit from time to time. . .i certainly do in my quest to be all things to all people.

well, the calm is over - the baby is heading for the air vent. . .

catch you soon -

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