Hillary Chybinski: so here's my question. . .

Monday, June 04, 2007

so here's my question. . .

. . .on the good mommy-bad mommy scale, how bad is setting up the portable dvd player with a baby einstein video in range of the jumperoo?

perhaps it can afford mommy 5 to 20 minutes of hands-free time. . .which is a good thing. . .


catch you soon -


  1. i say nay.
    anything that will not harm your child and buys you some valuable mommy time is A-OK in my book!

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  3. While I can't say I ever did the DVD deal, John was confined daily for at least 15 minutes in his swing while i showered and shaved each morning!

    I am sure that the value to mommy is way higher than any detriment to the baby!