Hillary Chybinski: weekend wrap up. . .

Sunday, March 11, 2007

weekend wrap up. . .

. . .wow, sunday night already. where does the weekend go?

ryan was off from school on friday due to parent teacher conferences. pam and I did a tag-team babysitting stint, so we each went to our conference child-free. rayn's teacher had some great things to say about my guy. . .i am so proud of him and his accomplishments. kindergarten is not like it was back in my day.

from there we had coffee with the neighbors - ryan played with the big boys (some of whom were also off from school) and i got some much-needed grown-up girl-talk time. i am so lucky to live where i do with such cool girls to hang with.

saturday we had an open house for the camp ryan is attending. it was awesome! ryan also got a call from his little league coach - getting ready to get the season started. we may even have our first practice next weekend.

sunday we had that god-awful time change and we headed out bright and early for coffee at dunkins (thanks to dhaval's mom for the munchkins!) and then the weekly trip to target. I had planned to spedn the afternoon doing house stuff. . .although with the nice weather, we didn't actually get much house stuff done. . .funny how that works - isn't it?

and tomorrow is monday - again.

catch you soon -

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