Hillary Chybinski: without a hitch. . .almost. . .

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

without a hitch. . .almost. . .

. . .so today we started our "real" mommy-goes-back-to-work schedule. . .where we all leave the house at 7:45am, drop owen at childcare, john leaves for the bus, and i take ryan to the bus stop before commuting to work myself.

today, one of owen's bottles (of liquid gold breastmilk!!) leaked all over his bag and when i got to the bus stop and wanted to text john to say how good we were doing - i realized i forgot my stupid purse (I hate that word!) at home. we left the bus-stop and went to get it.

i got a lecture from ryan about what happens if you are late to school - you have to sign in at the office. . .and tell Mrs. Bradley why you were late. . .horrors!

all ended up well, and owen seems to making the adjustment like a sport!

catch you soon -


  1. poor you! at least there wasn't a diaper blow-out to contend with (and to tell Mrs. Bradley about!)...it'll get better!!

  2. I am sure when my kids are in therapy down the road they will tell horror stories about the "boot camp" I run here in the mornings -- backtiming all activities to the minute so that we get out the door on time. It's really a dreadful way to start the day!