Hillary Chybinski: the first month. . .

Sunday, November 12, 2006

the first month. . .

. . .owen is officially one month old today.

we've made it through what is probably the most difficult adjustment period in a family's growth. . .owen and i spend our days running errands, watching mom shows on tv and waiting to get big brother ryan off the bus. we are learning about each other, and how to get along. it isn't always easy. but i wouldn't trade it.

and big brother ryan is adjusting too - again, it is not always wasy for him. he is used to being the only child - the center of our worlds. but this too will work it's way out. . .he will find how he and owen fit into the family together - that there is more than enough love for everyone.

catch you soon -


  1. Oh my goodness--that is just the cutest picture!
    Happy One Month birthday to little Owen!

  2. Happy One Month little guy (and happy everything to Ryan, as well..)

    I hope that is a picture for a year-in-review layout!

    Kiss both your cuties for me.

  3. you are so blessed - two good looking lil' fellas!