Hillary Chybinski: 2 weeks. . .and counting. ..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2 weeks. . .and counting. ..

officially, there are 2 weeks left to my second pregnancy. yesterday was a bad day - just generally felt YUCK.

today - good day. no complaints except for my huge monster ugly flinstone feet.

we tried to explain to ryan last night, not to be worried if he wakes up at night or int he morning, and someone else is there. I tried to explain that Mr. B, or Pam or Lisa or Mimi could be there with him, if daddy and I have to go have owen. i'm not sure he gets it - but i like to lay the groundwork.

the room is not done, but we have the things we need for the first few weeks. thanks to those of you that lended for the cause.

i'll have to take some pics of the cute outfits i have already - people are very generous and have great taste in baby boy clothes.

i'll keep you posted on our progress - dr's visit tomorrow morning.

catch you soon -


  1. Good luck!! I know how exciting those last few weeks are! And you're just so tired and yucky-feeling... plus you just finally want to meet that sweet little baby!! So exciting!!!
    Best of wishes!

  2. Hang in there -- he'll be here before we know it!